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Making changes to meetings

You may need to make changes to your meetings after you have scheduled them and sent out invitations.

About this task

The following table shows you how you can reschedule or cancel meetings, change meeting invitees, and accept or decline meeting counters.


Complete one of these steps according to the meeting task you need to complete.
Table 1. Changes you can make to meetings
Task Steps
As the chair of a meeting, you can reschedule, cancel, or confirm the meeting. All invitees receive a notice informing them of the meeting update.
  1. Double-click the meeting entry in your calendar.
  2. Click Owner Actions, and then click Reschedule, Cancel, or Confirm.
  3. If you clicked Reschedule, specify the new date, time, or duration.
  4. (Optional) Type comments to add to the update notice meeting invitees receive.
  5. Click OK
  6. If the meeting repeats, select the meeting instances to act on, and then click OK.
When a recipient proposes a change to a meeting invitation you sent, you receive a notification. Open the proposed change notification, and do one of the following:
  • To accept the proposed change and send a notice informing all invitees that the meeting has been rescheduled, click Accept Counter.
  • To decline the proposed change and send a notice informing the sender that you are declining the proposal, click Decline Counter.
As meeting chairperson, you can add and remove meeting invitees directly from your meeting entry. If you add people to an existing meeting, they receive a new invitation. If you remove people from an existing meeting, they receive a notice that informs them they are no longer required to attend the meeting. Double-click the meeting entry in your calendar, and do one or both of the following:
  • Click Add Invitees and add the names of one or more people to the Required, Optional, and FYI fields. To look up the name of a person to add to a field, click the name of the field.
  • Click Remove Invitees, select the names of one or more invitees, and click Remove.
Click Save and Send Invitations. If prompted, click Yes or No to specify whether other meeting invitees are notified about the updated invitee list.