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Reserving rooms and resources for a meeting

When you schedule a meeting, you can reserve conference rooms and resources (such as overhead projectors) if they are included in the directory your organization uses. If you do not have access to rooms and resources, see your administrator.


  1. In the new meeting entry, click Rooms or Resources (following the Location field).
  2. If necessary, specify the time to search for an available room or resource.
  3. Select the directory to use, and then select a site.
  4. Perform one of these steps:
    1. For a room, type the estimated number of people attending.
    2. For a resource, select a resource category.
  5. Optional: Select Show preferred rooms only or Show preferred resources only to search only for rooms or resources you specified in your calendar meetings preferences.
  6. Click Search.
  7. Select an available room or resource from the search results.