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Adding meeting service information to invitations

When you schedule a meeting, you can select the meeting service used in your organization, specify your meeting information related to the service, and save it as your default online meeting. Then, when you create future invitations your meeting information pre-populates the online meeting section of the new invitations.

About this task

You can select a meeting service such as an IBM® Sametime® meeting service (Sametime Meetings or Sametime Meetings Classic), the IBM SmartCloud® Meetings meeting service, or a third-party meeting service.


  1. On a new meeting invitation, click Online Meeting.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select the Sametime meeting service, SmartCloud Meetings meeting service, or other meeting service that your organization uses.
  4. Complete each mandatory field with your meeting information for the selected meeting service, complete any optional fields, and click OK.
  5. Optional: Select Include call-in information in the Location.
  6. Click OK.