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Adding an IBM Quickr place

If your administrator has enabled integration with IBM® Quickr®, you can set Quickr preferences to specify places and determine how attachments are handled. To use a Quickr place in IBM iNotes®, add it using these preferences.

About this task

Note: If you use Quickr and have set connector preferences, they are not supported.
Table 1. Preferences for configuring an IBM Quickr place
Preference Steps
IBM Quickr Places
  1. Click Preferences > IBM Quickr > Add Places .
  2. Type the URL for your Quickr server or select from the list of servers.
  3. (Optional) Filter the place names.
  4. Select a place from the list and then click OK.
  5. (Optional) To remove a place, select the place and then click Remove.
Sending e-mail with attachments Specify how you want to handle attachments.

Specify a default place or folder into which attachments are always saved.

Once you have set up an IBM Quickr place, you can insert Quickr links into e-mail by clicking Insert IBM Quickr links icon.