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Installing a subscription of your mail

When you install a subscription, you install the subscription management software that is applicable to your operating system and a local copy of your mail file.

Before you begin

Set Offline preferences, especially the preference to encrypt the local copy of your mail file. You cannot encrypt your local mail file after you install it. To set Offline preferences, complete the task Setting Offline preferences.

Make sure that you have a local copy of the Notes® ID, or that there is an up-to-date Notes ID stored in your mail file. To confirm that you have an ID stored in your mail file, or to import a new one, complete the task Managing your Notes ID and passwords.

About this task

There are two different tools you can use to manage your mail file subscription, depending on your operating system:


  1. Click the arrow next to your name in the IBM iNotes banner, and then click Online > Install Subscription.
  2. If you are prompted to install the DOLS (Domino Off-Line Services) plugin, click OK to install it.
  3. When prompted, install subscription management software for your operating system.
  4. Enter your Notes ID password when prompted.
    Tip: If the password you enter is not accepted, make sure the Notes ID stored in your mail file is a current one.
  5. Accept the license agreement.
  6. When prompted, select the folder where you want to install your offline mail.
  7. Browse to select your Notes ID if prompted for one.
  8. When prompted, enter and confirm a Web application password. (This is your Notes ID password.)
    Note: When you install on a Linux client, you may get an informational message that notifies you how much disk space is needed and prompts you to check the available disk space in the /home/user directory. This message is not a warning, it is issued when the software cannot determine the amount of free disk space.


A desktop icon for the offline program and for your mail file subscription are installed on your desktop. You can go offline by clicking the offline program icon. You can open the local copy of your mail file, by clicking you mail file subscription icon.

If you installed the IBM Domino Sync Manager, see the help that is available from the program for additional tasks you can perform.