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Going offline and working with mail

When you are not connected to a network, you can go offline and perform most of the same mail tasks that you can when you are online. While you are offline, you work with a local copy of your mail file.

Before you begin

Before you go offline the first time, you must complete the task Installing a subscription of your mail. Installing a subscription installs both the subscription management software and a local copy of your mail file.

About this task

When you open an offline subscription from the IBM® Domino® Sync Manager on a Windows client that is disconnected from the network, you may get a message from the browser that no connection to the Internet is currently available. The message includes the options Work Offline or Try Again. Click Try Again to access your offline mail file.


  1. Click the arrow next to your name in the IBM iNotes® banner.
  2. Click Online > Go Offline. After authentication is complete you can work in your local mail file.
    Note: If your Notes ID password is different than your Internet password and you use the IBM Domino Sync Manager, you may be prompted for your user name and password. If so, provide your Notes ID password.
  3. When you have finished working offline, click Online > Go Online to return to working online.


You can work offline, you can create messages, calendar entries, and do most of the same things you can do when you are online. When you send an email, your message displays in the Sent view even if you have not yet connected to your mail server to send and receive new mail. However, you cannot change spelling dictionaries when you are working offline.

If your Notes ID password is different than your Internet password and you use the IBM Domino Sync Manager, you can set a Synchronization Password so that you are not prompted for a user name and password to access your offline mail. To avoid this problem, open the IBM Domino Sync Manager, select the mail file subscription, and then click Properties. Click the Security tab and enter your Notes ID password.

What to do next

Complete the task Synchronizing your mail file after working offline. Then, refresh your browser when you go back online to see newly added, changed, or deleted folders.