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What's New in IBM iNotes 9.0.1 Social Edition?

This topic lists features new to IBM® iNotes®, and tells you how to get started using those features.

This iNotes Help topic introduces you to this release of iNotes. To find and contribute information and videos about using iNotes, see the Notes and Domino wiki.

Table 1. Mail features


How do I use it?


Email messages that you create or edit are saved automatically unless you choose to override this behavior. To disable autosave, click Preferences > Basics, and uncheck Automatically save mail.

Table 2. Other features


How do I use it?

Partial accessibility for full mode

In the web client full mode, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Preferences are accessible. You can set a preference that enables you to limit full mode functionality to just the currently accessible functionality.

Add photos to Contacts

You can now add photos when composing or editing contacts using the Insert Photo tab. The photo is displayed on the Summary tab when the contact is opened.

Search using mail recipients

You can now search your Inbox using the Recipients filter, which allows you to search on to whom you sent mail.